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Project Description

The Brief

Lucas have been producing their yearbook FINISH (magazine) for some time. This year Bang Anderson was given the brief to bring it into line with a more architectural high end magazine look feel. Lucas wanted to make a statement and standout in their competitive market place. Lucas requested that more than one case study was demonstrated on the front cover to show kudos, whilst keeping the impressive high end style and wow factor.

The Results
We worked though a selection of eye catching print finishes on the cover to enhance and reinforce the concept and strapline: “Finishing Innovations and Brand New Perspectives”. Visually, we successfully put more than one case study image on the front cover by using building perspectives in a modern montage style. The Lucas Yearbook will be used to build brand awareness in their market place and can be used as an impressive high quality sales aid.

Implementation projects

  • Design
  • Artworking
  • Print
  • Advanced Print Finishes