How Important Is Video To Your Marketing Mix?

Video above: Video footage taken for Bedgebury Park, including shots from a remotely controlled helicopter. Shared over social media.

Is video a part of your marketing strategy? Should it be?

Video still seems to be the buzz word, and it has been for a while. All the evidence suggests that online video marketing is the way to go and that it’s the direction that you should be channelling a fair amount of your marketing budget towards.

We’ve gathered together some statistics found online, which may or may not surprise you…

  • 45% of internet users view at least one video per month.
  • The average internet user is exposed to over 30 videos per month.
  • 100 million internet users watch some kind of internet video clip every day.
  • Including a video in an e-mail broadcast can improve the click through rate by around 96%.
  • People are 72% more likely to purchase a product or service when video marketing is used.

That all seems like compelling evidence. Add to that the fact that the response rates for video promotions are six times greater than those for printed direct mail pieces and it certainly seems a sensible direction to head in.

We all know that the cost of print can be quite reasonable in this current competitive marketplace, and so the cost of video has also found a reasonable level, making it achievable for sole traders and small businesses as well as the large corporates. Nonetheless, video has to be categorised as more difficult to create than off line advertising. It’s no longer a case of putting together some text and images, aligning them with your brand and sales message then getting it out to the masses. Video takes thought and creativity to get your message right and reach your targeted audience.

Think carefully about your content, make it interesting and useful to the watcher. The message is far more important than the production, so focus on the planning stage foremost. Know what you want to say, how you’re going to say it and how you’re going to make it engaging. Think about what people are searching for? Generally they are not searching for a sales pitch, they are looking for solutions to problems, answers, hints and tips so carefully package up your sales pitch and instead find a way for your business to offer the exact video that your target market will be searching for.

Don’t panic about achieving the perfect video as they may not happen until some way down the line. Practice makes perfect and its far better to have a video produced and online rather than keep putting it off, tw