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Bang Anderson have set out a logical process for each and every graphic design project: The Brief, Research and Development, Design stage, and Production. It’s a bit like problem-solving, with flair. A good designer will help and guide a you as a client and give a positive direction, a bad designer will head off in that direction regardless of the client’s opinion.



The Brief

Design Stage

Once all the research has been completed, the direction has been agreed there will be draft concepts and preliminary designs produced. The most successful design solutions will then be selected and be developed further in our office.

Once our designer is happy, the design concepts will be shown to you. We’ll talk you through the design process and explain the key design decisions and reasoning behind our suggestions. In this meeting you’ll be encouraged to give your opinion on the designs shown. The design will then be compared to the requirements as set out in the brief, to encourage rationalisation and thorough analysis.

The design will be amended in relation to feedback from the client if necessary, and amended artwork will then be sent to for you to approve.


Production encompasses anything from organising the commercial printer, the developers/coders, or the publications to turn the design into the finished piece of work.

Please note: These are the standard phases a design project will go through, these may vary depending on the type of project (and budget) and can involve more, or less, stages.

Project management

You will have an experienced account manager managing your project. They will endeavour to assist you and ensure the project runs smoothly and efficiently from start to finish. We have a small highly experienced team and as part of the deal where possible work will always be completed by our in house team.

Creative direction

The well known saying “You get what you pay for” can often be heard being whispered by many graphic designers and marketeers. Rest assured at Bang Anderson you will be provided with designs which are either produced by, or overseen by our Creative Director. The designs will be based on thorough research, and designed to be pixel perfect for your company based on the brief and your requirements.

We bet you’ll have seen many companies/designers offering “Logos for £50!” Often there is limited research involved, and (we hate to say it) sometimes not even be any design work involved.  Research can take up time, but is key to produce a successful solution and are an essential stage of the design process.

Bang Anderson at a glance

  • We are a close team
  • We are easy to get along with
  • We are passionate about what we do
  • Great at working to tight deadlines
  • Design led and results driven marketing
  • Support and guidance when you need it

Our cost

We are open and honest about our fees from the start, they are depend upon the scale and complexity of your website project. You can select to pay a one off project fee, or a monthly retainer charge to work with Bang Anderson for additional support. We are happy to become an ongoing design and marketing resource for your business, long after the project is complete. We will provide all the information you need, when we discuss your business requirements, or when we quote/pitch for your project.