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Email marketing

Email marketing is one of those marketing tools, that when done effectively can produce great results for your business and help you grow your sales. Email marketing can be as complex, or as simple as you make it. Some things to consider, with any email marketing campaign is, the target market, tone of voice, frequency of send, appropriate time to send, integration with additional marketing channels, how to improve and of course how to grow a healthy database. 


Top tips

1. Keep it simple

When planning an email marketing campaign, you should always, make it clear to the customer the reason for sending and what you expect them to do with the information. It is vital to keep the tone and design of the email relevant to your target market. Always give the impression of professionalism, but bear in mind you can still be quirky, fun and thought inducing when appropriate.

2. Be consistent

A strong brand builds credibility and trust through being consistent, reliable and interesting. If you can build expectations with your consumer and send at regular times they are more likely to engage with your brand (be careful not to bombard as this as we all know can be damaging to open rates and engagement levels). Punchy relevant subject lines, which avoid with key spam terms can help with open rates.

3. Keep your data healthy

There are many advantages to having a large database, one being that you would expect to reach more people with one emailer. The key thing to bear in mind is as you grow your client database, you should keep it healthy. This is important because having large numbers of non-openers and people who no longer engage with your brand is a waste of time and money. It can also damage your integrity with email clients and this directly affects your bounce rates.

4. Test, test, test

It is important to test your campaigns. There are two types of testing: test the design strength across email providers and also the A/B testing of emailers to allow you to fine tune email results. You can be as complex or as simple as time and budget allows, they key is to learn, build and analyse.

5. Transactional & engagement emails

Make your existing clients or consumers feel valued. You can do this by setting up triggered emails based on shopping carts or website download transactions, perhaps milestone birthdays or even an anniversary of the first time they engaged with your brand. Always think about and review your customer journey and how this can be improved.


Project management

You will have an experienced account manager managing your project. They will endeavour to assist you and ensure the project runs smoothly and efficiently from start to finish. We have a small highly experienced team and as part of the deal where possible work will always be completed by our in house team.

Email Marketing & Campaign Direction

The Bang Anderson team can help you to produce a campaigns suitable for your target market, and brand style designed to attract your consumer and increase engagement/sales. We aim keep you involved every step of the way to ensure you understand how campaigns develop, evolve and integrate with additional marketing channels like social media. We have worked with both small and dainty databases and also very large databases, trust us we can help you make your email marketing work harder for your business.

Bang Anderson at a glance

  • We are a close team
  • We are easy to get along with
  • We are passionate about what we do
  • Great at working to tight deadlines
  • Design led and results driven marketing
  • Support and guidance when you need it

Our cost

We are open and honest about our fees from the start, they are depend upon the scale and complexity of your website project. You can select to pay a one off project fee, or a monthly retainer charge to work with Bang Anderson for additional support. We are happy to become an ongoing design and marketing resource for your business, long after the project is complete. We will provide all the information you need, when we discuss your business requirements, or when we quote/pitch for your project.