Smart Marketing

Smart marketeers embrace digital marketing strategies In recent years, the modern marketing strategy has changed, marketers are being asked to do more, and marketing managers are being held accountable for more bottom-line business results. Marketing today is more central to the success of companies. Modern marketers embracing digital marketing strategies, metrics and measurements, [...]

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What is GDPR?

Have you heard lots of whispers about  GDPR?   GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. It relates to any personal data your company holds and the way this information is used for communication, how it’s processed and where it’s stored. Although the fines being bandied around for non-compliance are huge, don’t panic! The ICO is [...]

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Affiliate Marketing – Does It Work?

Affiliate marketing can often be confused with referral marketing, as both forms of marketing rely on using third parties to push sales towards the originator, however they are in fact two different entities. The key difference between them is that affiliate marketing relies solely on financial motivations to drive sales while referral marketing relies on [...]

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How Important Is Video To Your Marketing Mix?

Video above: Video footage taken for Bedgebury Park, including shots from a remotely controlled helicopter. Shared over social media. Is video a part of your marketing strategy? Should it be? Video still seems to be the buzz word, and it has been for a while. All the evidence suggests that online [...]

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Exploring Pay Per Click..

Many businesses may be on the receiving end of a voucher from the lovely people at Google, offering you £75 free when you spend £25 with the strapline “get your business to the top with Google Advertising” but is it really that simple? Will Google AdWords and Pay Per Click advertising really attract more potential [...]

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To Blog Or Not To Blog?

Is blogging a pastime for people with too much time on their hands or is it an effective part of the marketing mix for their business? Should you do it because everyone else is doing it, or are you happy to let blogging pass you by as another online “fad”? Blogging is another part of [...]

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